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Campbell Gunn Inness Seib is a criminal law firm dedicated to providing people facing criminal charges with the best possible legal defence. The firm’s excellent and experienced lawyers have an impressive record of success and always represent their clients with great skill, knowledge and attention to detail.

CGIS is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is dedicated to the practice of criminal defence law. The lawyers at CGIS understand that most clients experience anxiety concerning the impact that a criminal conviction can have on one’s family, career, liberty and future. CGIS lawyers work closely with their clients to understand their particular circumstances, and always focus on achieving the best possible results in each situation.

The lawyers at CGIS are exceptional advocates with a track record of success in conducting trials and appeals at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. CGIS lawyers have also appeared before military and professional tribunals, inquiries and licensing bodies.

In obtaining the best possible results for their clients, CGIS lawyers have, among other things:

  • prevented charges from being laid;
  • had charges dropped or withdrawn;
  • obtained bail in complicated, serious cases;
  • challenged the constitutionality of laws;
  • argued their client’s Charter rights were breached;
  • filed motions and made arguments attacking the validity of search warrants and wiretaps;
  • had success in having evidence excluded at trial;
  • had their clients sentenced to community service where the Crown sought jail;
  • successfully advocated for the return of money and property seized by the police; and won challenging trials and appeals.

Independently and as a team, CGIS’ lawyers are respected by their clients, their legal peers and the judiciary for their strategic and dynamic approach to the practice of criminal defence law.

Call CGIS today if you or someone you know is facing criminal charges. CGIS clients will always receive answers to their questions, support in understanding the process, and outstanding legal representation.

CGIS accepts cases on a private fee arrangement. Fees are dependent on the complexity and nature of your case. In certain circumstances, cases are accepted where they are funded by Legal Aid.